Joanna Cleeve Photography | Louise's Prom preparation to arrival

Louise's Prom preparation to arrival

July 06, 2015  •  1 Comment

On Thursday I was hired by a lovely family to photograph their daughters preparations to arrival for her Year 11 Prom as a special treat for her. She worked so hard during her GCSE's they thought she deserved this special treat after one her friends pointed out my in studio Prom package which is available for use after Prom (30 minute shoot in studio with 5 edited digital files and one 12"x8" professional print - £35) this gives you a chance to put your dress on again.

We decided to do something a bit different and photograph prep (hair & make-up) to arrival at the Prom. When I arrived at Mane Street hairdressers Louise was so excited as it was a surprise me showing up. After she'd finished having her doing I then went to the house for her make-up to be done and then finally putting the dress on. After Louise had put her dress on we did a few photographs outside near her home before I left t get to the Prom location in time for her arrival.

When Louise arrived in the Jaguar the door was locked and wouldn't unlock at first when the gentleman went to open it. We all had a right laugh at this moment but once the door was opened and her and her friend got out they both looked absolutely stunning. Neither of them told the other about their dress but the colour coordination was perfect. I did a few portraits of them both with sunglasses so it was a bit quirky as well as few normal ones before they went in to Prom and enjoyed themselves. I got the cutest thank you card from Louise the next day which made me smile as I love making people happy with my job.

Whilst I was at the Prom a few other parents asked me to photograph their children's arrivals but where I hadn't seen most of them since they were young I didn't recognise them so had to photograph most arrivals so I didn't miss their child. Send me an email for more details.

Here is a link to the gallery containing all the photographs from Louise's shoot as I have permission from her parents to have the gallery as public to share - CLICK HERE

Here is a link to some of mine and mum's favorites which have been used on the blog but as there was over 80 we liked only so many made the blog and the rest are in this gallery - CLICK HERE

Louise Prom-2Louise Prom-2 Louise Prom-5Louise Prom-5

Louise Prom-7Louise Prom-7

Louise Prom-11Louise Prom-11 Louise Prom-16Louise Prom-16

Louise Prom-13Louise Prom-13

Louise Prom-24Louise Prom-24 Louise Prom-27Louise Prom-27

Louise Prom-19Louise Prom-19

Louise Prom-35Louise Prom-35

Louise Prom-34Louise Prom-34

Louise Prom-38Louise Prom-38 Louise Prom-41Louise Prom-41 Louise Prom-39Louise Prom-39

Louise Prom-47Louise Prom-47 Louise Prom-52Louise Prom-52 Louise Prom-55Louise Prom-55

Louise Prom-59Louise Prom-59 Louise Prom-63Louise Prom-63

Louise Prom-67Louise Prom-67

Louise Prom-68Louise Prom-68 Louise Prom-71Louise Prom-71

Louise Prom-75Louise Prom-75

Louise Prom-81Louise Prom-81 Louise Prom-84Louise Prom-84

Louise Prom-88Louise Prom-88

Louise Prom-91Louise Prom-91 Louise Prom-98Louise Prom-98

Louise Prom-93Louise Prom-93

Louise Prom-109Louise Prom-109 Louise Prom-111Louise Prom-111

Louise Prom-109Louise Prom-109

Louise Prom-111Louise Prom-111 Louise Prom-121Louise Prom-121

Louise Prom-117Louise Prom-117

Louise Prom B&W-1-2Louise Prom B&W-1-2 Louise Prom-124Louise Prom-124

Louise Prom B&W-6-2Louise Prom B&W-6-2

Louise Prom B&W-7-2Louise Prom B&W-7-2 Louise Prom B&W-8-2Louise Prom B&W-8-2

Louise Prom B&W-18Louise Prom B&W-18

Louise Prom-130Louise Prom-130 Louise Prom-132Louise Prom-132

Louise Prom-135Louise Prom-135

Louise Prom-136Louise Prom-136 Louise Prom-138Louise Prom-138

Prom Arrival-22Prom Arrival-22

The door was locked and there were a few difficulties getting it opened so we all had a laugh about the situation.

Prom Arrival-24Prom Arrival-24 Prom Arrival-25Prom Arrival-25

Once the door was opened the two girls got out looking absolutely stunning.

Prom Arrival-26Prom Arrival-26 Prom Arrival-28Prom Arrival-28

Prom Arrival-31Prom Arrival-31

Prom Arrival-35Prom Arrival-35 Prom Arrival-38Prom Arrival-38

Prom Arrival-33Prom Arrival-33

Prom Arrival-40Prom Arrival-40 Prom Arrival-41Prom Arrival-41

Louise Prom-139Louise Prom-139

Louise Prom-141Louise Prom-141 Louise Prom-142Louise Prom-142

Louise Prom-143Louise Prom-143

Louise Prom-146Louise Prom-146 Louise Prom-148Louise Prom-148

Louise Prom-150Louise Prom-150

Louise Prom-151Louise Prom-151 Louise Prom-161Louise Prom-161

Louise Prom B&W-4-3Louise Prom B&W-4-3

Louise Prom B&W-1-3Louise Prom B&W-1-3 Louise Prom B&W-3-3Louise Prom B&W-3-3

Louise Prom B&W-11-3Louise Prom B&W-11-3

Louise Prom B&W-6-3Louise Prom B&W-6-3 Louise Prom B&W-9-3Louise Prom B&W-9-3

Louise Prom B&W-20Louise Prom B&W-20

Louise Prom-163Louise Prom-163 Louise Prom-172Louise Prom-172

Louise Prom-169Louise Prom-169

Louise Prom-176Louise Prom-176 Louise Prom-179Louise Prom-179 Louise Prom B&W-45Louise Prom B&W-45

Louise Prom-182Louise Prom-182 Louise Prom B&W-36Louise Prom B&W-36



lynne finnis(non-registered)
These are fabulous photos of two fabulous girls. They are so relaxed and natural. Karen and Jason wont be able to choose they are all so good. Louise you are a very special daughter with very special parents.
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