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Hayley Sparkes Photoshoot

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last month I had a photoshoot with the TV presenter, make-up artist and stylist Hayley Sparkes. She is such an inspiring young lady after what she went through when growing up which you can read on her website

For the shoot we used my home studio, The Walled Garden in Midhurst and finally Petworth Park (one of my favourite places).  Hayley hair was done by Karen Williams from Mane Street in Midhurst and make-up done by Marcie Simmonds who also works at Mane Street. Some of the items of clothing worn by Hayley whilst in The Walled Gardens and Petworth Park has been supplied by Stepping Out in Midhurst.

Below is a selection of the photographs I took of Hayley that I have been permission to share.

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-1bHayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-1b Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-5bHayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-5b

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-44bHayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-44b

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-10bHayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-10b Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-72bHayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-72b

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-94Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-94

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-103Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-103 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-139Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-139

DSC_5905DSC_5905 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-159Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-159

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-171Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-171

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-175Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-175 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-179Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-179

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-180Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-180 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-192Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-192

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-213Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-213

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-219Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-219 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-229Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-229

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-214Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-214

DSC_6177DSC_6177 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-241Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-241

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-253Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-253 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-255Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-255 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-259Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-259

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-297Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-297

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-293Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-293 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-295Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-295

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-315Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-315

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-313Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-313 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-301Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-301

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-353Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-353

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-339Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-339 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-349Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-349

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-363Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-363

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-388Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-388 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-396Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-396

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-403Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-403

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-412Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-412 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-404Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-404

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-433Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-433

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-429Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-429 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-423Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-423

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-448Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-448

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-449Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-449 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-459Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-459

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-471Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-471

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-468Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-468 Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-494Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-494

Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-493Hayley Sparkes 22.10.2015-493


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