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    Madhurst Final Day 2015


    Ibiza Wonderland 2015                                                                                                    Tea Dance 30/08/2015

Ibiza Wonderland-84Ibiza Wonderland-84   Tea Dance-14Tea Dance-14

   Children's Day 30/08/2015                                                                                                Good Gracious Music Summer Party 27/08/2015

Childrens Day2Childrens Day2 Good Gracious Music Sumer Party-4Good Gracious Music Sumer Party-4

    Gardeners Question Time                                                                                                  Beer & Cheese Tasting at The Crafty Pint   

Gardeners Question Time-2Gardeners Question Time-2 Beer & Cheese Tasting at the Crafty Pint-8Beer & Cheese Tasting at the Crafty Pint-8

    Leatherwork Half Hour Workshops                                                                                Showgirls, Sangria and Song

Leatherwork-2Leatherwork-2 DSC_3715DSC_3715

     Cardboard Café 27th August                                                                                        Botanical Drawing Workshop

Cardboard Cafe 27.08.2015-38Cardboard Cafe 27.08.2015-38 Botanical Drawing Workshop-10Botanical Drawing Workshop-10

   The Biggest Pub Quiz in Midhurst MSA                                                                         Madhurst Short Story Presentation of Winners

The Biggest Pub Quiz in Midhurst MSA-1The Biggest Pub Quiz in Midhurst MSA-1 Short-Story Presentation-12Short-Story Presentation-12

   Adult Cake Making                                                                                                               Cardboard Café 25th August

Adult Cake Making-9Adult Cake Making-9   Cardboard Cafe-2Cardboard Cafe-2

    Child Cookie Making                                                                                                            Ragtime at Cowdray

Child Cookie Making-17Child Cookie Making-17   Ragtime-3Ragtime-3

    Braiding Workshop                                                                                                               Classical Concert "Les Apaches!" (The Vandals!)

Braiding Workshop-6Braiding Workshop-6   A Classical Concert Les Apaches (the Vandals)-37A Classical Concert Les Apaches (the Vandals)-37

   Youth Zest                                                                                                                            Artisan Fair

Youth Zest-72Youth Zest-72   Artisan Fair-26Artisan Fair-26

   The Wonderyears Rock Choir                                                                                             Picnic in the Park

The Wonderyears Rock Choir-3The Wonderyears Rock Choir-3   Good Gracious Music (19 of 43)Good Gracious Music (19 of 43)