Jing and Geoff - 25th July 2015 at Langrish House

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On Saturday I photographed my first Chinese wedding of Jing and Geoff at the gorgeous location of Langrish House in Petersfield. It was a really beautiful day and we were lucky with the weather. They both chose the date 5 months prior to their wedding according to the Chinese lunar calendar. I loved the red carpet and Chinese decorations on the entrance to the house. The bridesmaids and flower girls looked beautiful in their peach. We had a laugh when the young flower girls threw the rose petal confetti on to the grass whilst walking away from the ceremony rather than on the couple. So we had to run around to pick it up to do a staged confetti shot.

Jing and Geoff-5Jing and Geoff-5 Jing and Geoff-7Jing and Geoff-7

Jing and Geoff-12Jing and Geoff-12

Jing and Geoff-8Jing and Geoff-8 Jing and Geoff-9Jing and Geoff-9

Jing and Geoff-24Jing and Geoff-24

Jing and Geoff-26Jing and Geoff-26 Jing and Geoff-27Jing and Geoff-27

Jing and Geoff-23Jing and Geoff-23

Jing and Geoff-31Jing and Geoff-31 Jing and Geoff-33Jing and Geoff-33

Jing and Geoff-51Jing and Geoff-51

Jing and Geoff-40Jing and Geoff-40 Jing and Geoff-52Jing and Geoff-52

Jing and Geoff-56Jing and Geoff-56

Jing and Geoff-57Jing and Geoff-57 Jing and Geoff-73Jing and Geoff-73

Jing and Geoff-59Jing and Geoff-59

Jing and Geoff-62Jing and Geoff-62 Jing and Geoff-67Jing and Geoff-67

Jing and Geoff-79Jing and Geoff-79

Jing and Geoff-88Jing and Geoff-88 Jing and Geoff-106Jing and Geoff-106

Jing and Geoff-117Jing and Geoff-117

Jing and Geoff-127Jing and Geoff-127 Jing and Geoff-134Jing and Geoff-134

Jing and Geoff-161Jing and Geoff-161

Jing and Geoff-139Jing and Geoff-139 Jing and Geoff-145Jing and Geoff-145

Jing and Geoff-174Jing and Geoff-174

Jing and Geoff-170Jing and Geoff-170 Jing and Geoff-196Jing and Geoff-196

Jing and Geoff-180Jing and Geoff-180

Jing and Geoff-183Jing and Geoff-183 Jing and Geoff-206Jing and Geoff-206

Jing and Geoff-214Jing and Geoff-214

Jing and Geoff-225Jing and Geoff-225 Jing and Geoff-226Jing and Geoff-226

Jing and Geoff-229Jing and Geoff-229

Jing and Geoff-241Jing and Geoff-241 Jing and Geoff-248Jing and Geoff-248

Jing and Geoff-242Jing and Geoff-242

Jing and Geoff-250Jing and Geoff-250 Jing and Geoff-255Jing and Geoff-255

Jing and Geoff-16Jing and Geoff-16

Jing and Geoff-261Jing and Geoff-261 Jing and Geoff-262Jing and Geoff-262

Jing and Geoff-269Jing and Geoff-269

Jing and Geoff-281Jing and Geoff-281 Jing and Geoff-285Jing and Geoff-285

Jing and Geoff-253Jing and Geoff-253




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