The House of Flynn - Dark Brown Leather Floral Evermore

June 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The House of Flynn established themselves at the end of 2014 and from the first time I saw the bags that Maureen was creating I fell in love! I had been eyeing up the Dark Brown Leather Floral Evermore since the first time I saw it and when I finally had the money it was at the top of my must have list! 

The customer service that Maureen offers is amazing and especially for international buyers such as myself! They aren't cheap bags but the quality is just outstanding (totally worth every penny) and trying to find fashionable cameras bags now days isn't easy. I wanted a camera bag that suited the vintage style I am trying to create for my business and this bag ticked all the boxes :)

I recommended checking out her Facebook page and website as you won't be disappointed! Below are some the photographs I took of my bag using the historic Cowdray Ruins for some the backdrop :)

House of Flynn-2House of Flynn-2

House of Flynn-1House of Flynn-1 House of Flynn-3House of Flynn-3

House of Flynn-5House of Flynn-5

House of Flynn-4House of Flynn-4 House of Flynn-12House of Flynn-12

House of Flynn-10House of Flynn-10

House of Flynn-7House of Flynn-7 House of Flynn-8House of Flynn-8

House of Flynn-9House of Flynn-9

House of Flynn-11House of Flynn-11 House of Flynn-13House of Flynn-13

House of Flynn-15House of Flynn-15

House of Flynn-14House of Flynn-14 House of Flynn-17House of Flynn-17

House of Flynn-20House of Flynn-20

House of Flynn-16House of Flynn-16 House of Flynn-18House of Flynn-18

House of Flynn-22House of Flynn-22

House of Flynn-19House of Flynn-19 House of Flynn-21House of Flynn-21

House of Flynn-27House of Flynn-27

House of Flynn-26House of Flynn-26 House of Flynn-25House of Flynn-25

House of Flynn-28House of Flynn-28

House of Flynn-23House of Flynn-23 House of Flynn-24House of Flynn-24

House of Flynn-29House of Flynn-29

House of Flynn-31House of Flynn-31 House of Flynn-32House of Flynn-32

House of Flynn-30House of Flynn-30

House of Flynn-33House of Flynn-33 House of Flynn-34House of Flynn-34

House of Flynn-35House of Flynn-35

House of Flynn-36House of Flynn-36 House of Flynn-37House of Flynn-37

House of Flynn-41House of Flynn-41

House of Flynn-38House of Flynn-38 House of Flynn-39House of Flynn-39

House of Flynn-42House of Flynn-42

House of Flynn-40House of Flynn-40 House of Flynn-43House of Flynn-43

House of Flynn-44House of Flynn-44


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