2015 Wedding Highlights

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I have photographed some lovely couples this year of all different ages and it's been a pleasure being part of your special days :) Here is a selection of some my favourites from each of your weddings. I am looking forward to 2016 and photographing all my future brides and grooms wedding :D

Sarah and Alastair - Southdowns Manor


Kristina and Duncan - Chichester


Tracey-Jane and Geoff - Southdowns Manor


Sarah and Thomas - Easbourne Parish Church


DSC_8768bDSC_8768b Thomas & Sarah-354Thomas & Sarah-354

Jing and Geoff - Langrish House

Jing and Geoff-183Jing and Geoff-183

Jing and Geoff-62Jing and Geoff-62 Jing and Geoff-174Jing and Geoff-174

Katherine and Scott - Grittenham Barn


Sian and Ian - Slindon College


DSC_5755bDSC_5755b DSC_1145bDSC_1145b

Anna and James - Slindon College

Anna & James Wedding 29.08.2015-239Anna & James Wedding 29.08.2015-239 Anna & James Wedding 29.08.2015-247Anna & James Wedding 29.08.2015-247

Malisa and Marc - Petworth Curch

Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-173Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-173

Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-306Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-306 Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-159Malisa & Marc 05-09-2015-159

Linda and Jason - Park House Hotel

Marilyn and David - Capron House Midhurst

Marilyn & David 19.09.2015-179Marilyn & David 19.09.2015-179

Mihaela and Keith - Wakehurst Place


Beverley and Jason - Pollensa, Majorca


Beverley and Jason Weller - 26-09-2015-265Beverley and Jason Weller - 26-09-2015-265 Beverley and Jason Weller - 26-09-2015-337Beverley and Jason Weller - 26-09-2015-337

Jessica and Dominic - Solent Hotel and Spa

Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-288Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-288

Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-163Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-163 Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-283Jessica and Dominic 03.10.2015-283

Qing Zhang (Lulu) and Lin Sang - Langstone hotel in Hayling Island


Steph and Chris - The Walled Gardens at Cowdray, Midhurst

Steph  Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-461Steph Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-461

Steph  Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-361Steph Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-361 Steph & Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-351Steph & Chris Wedding - 22.11.2015-351

Joanna and Guy - St. Brides Church, Fleet Street and The Carlton Club 


Joanna and Guy - 12.12.2015-252Joanna and Guy - 12.12.2015-252

Chloe and Sam - Southdowns Manor

Carrie and Alex - Grittenham Barn


Carly and Paul - Southdowns Manor



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