Creating a client account to share your favourites with me

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I'm creating this blog as I get allot of my clients think that when they are asked to sign into their galleries first time they log in that they are creating an account. The sign in page it just so I can keep track on anyone (you or family) that signs into your gallery and stop any suspicious activity (rarely happens). Only you the client receives your gallery link and password unless you share it with family members and by having the visitor sign in I can keep track on if you have shared and if someone logs into your gallery. If I thought a log in was suspicious by having the visitor sign in I could warn you to then change your gallery password for you.

I have included a couple of screenshots with explanations on them below as to how to create an account so I can view your favourites as you are choosing them for your USB and then you all have to do is sent me a message or an email to say you've chosen and I can go and look. I always ask you to send your print order numbers in a message separately to your gallery favourites.

CLICK the LOGIN button to be taken to the page where you create your client account or CLICK this LINK HERE

Create an account step 1Create an account step 1

Once you reach this page fill in the 'Create an Account' details and I'll receive an email once you have so I know you are all set up and I can view your favourites once you tell me they are ready to be viewed.

Create an account step 2Create an account step 2



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