Family Fun at Petworth Park

October 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

The other month I got a message from a lovely family who live in France and saw a photoshoot I did of one of their friends and asked when they came over could they book in a shoot. So I did a fun family shoot at Petworth Park with them. The children just loved climbing trees and running around so the location was perfect for the shoot. The weather was gorgeous and the clouds were so dramatic which meant they looked amazing in the photographs.

As a special promotion for all photoshoots booked which take place in October, November and December I am offering some extra prints free, so you'll receive four 9"x6" proffessional prints free.

Polly Tyrrell-7Polly Tyrrell-7

Polly Tyrrell-6Polly Tyrrell-6 Polly Tyrrell-3Polly Tyrrell-3

Polly Tyrrell-9Polly Tyrrell-9

Polly Tyrrell-8Polly Tyrrell-8 Polly Tyrrell-11Polly Tyrrell-11

Polly Tyrrell-20Polly Tyrrell-20

Polly Tyrrell-14Polly Tyrrell-14 Polly Tyrrell-12Polly Tyrrell-12

Polly Tyrrell-29Polly Tyrrell-29

Polly Tyrrell-25Polly Tyrrell-25 Polly Tyrrell-44Polly Tyrrell-44

Polly Tyrrell-37Polly Tyrrell-37

Polly Tyrrell-52Polly Tyrrell-52 Polly Tyrrell-57Polly Tyrrell-57

Polly Tyrrell-32Polly Tyrrell-32

Polly Tyrrell-69Polly Tyrrell-69 Polly Tyrrell-34Polly Tyrrell-34

Polly Tyrrell-84Polly Tyrrell-84

Polly Tyrrell-77Polly Tyrrell-77 Polly Tyrrell-89Polly Tyrrell-89

Polly Tyrrell-97Polly Tyrrell-97

Polly Tyrrell-94Polly Tyrrell-94 Polly Tyrrell-95Polly Tyrrell-95

Polly Tyrrell-100Polly Tyrrell-100

Polly Tyrrell-104Polly Tyrrell-104 Polly Tyrrell-108Polly Tyrrell-108

Polly Tyrrell-117Polly Tyrrell-117

Polly Tyrrell-110Polly Tyrrell-110 Polly Tyrrell-118Polly Tyrrell-118





Polly tyrrell(non-registered)
Thank you, it was a great afternoon! And wonderful photos to keep.
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